Pinata Farms

Set about 30 minutes’ drive north-east of Hobart, the Orielton farm was previously used for agricultural purposes. It was redeveloped for raspberry production during 2019 and harvested its first specialty crop in autumn 2020.

Redevelopment included extensive earthworks to achieve the right slope for optimal drainage, construction of polytunnels with customisations such as wind doors, connection to the South-East Irrigation Scheme to ensure a stable and reliable water source and construction and fit-out of a high-spec packing shed.

Inside the tunnels raspberries are grown in a coconut coir growing medium in the same fashion as raspberries at other farm locations operated by Piñata Farms in Queensland.

The farm produces raspberries from late November to June. Picked and packed on site, raspberries are distributed to Tasmanian and mainland customers.

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