Old Hobart Town Model Village

The Old Hobart Town Model Village is a perfect setting to learn about the life of early settlers in Hobart. It is located in the heart of Richmond and visitors can walk through a miniature replica of Hobart as it was in the 1820s.

Designed and built from actual historical plans, the model village is an accurate representation of Hobart would have looked in the early 1800’s. It shows how the early town differs considerably from the modern city we know now, yet recognisable features and buildings can still be seen.

By allowing visitors to stroll through the village and down existing roads, the feel of the town is greatly magnified. Wandering around the streets of Old Hobart Town forces you to consider what life must have been like, with regards to both the rural aspect that the town would have had back then, and the brutal existence of many of it’s inhabitants.

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